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Have you ever wondered who makes sure the food and beverages you buy in your community are safe to eat? Did you ever think about what laws protect your health and safety at an apartment pool or the spa at a fitness center? What about at festivals, farmer’s markets, outdoor concerts and summer camps? How about used oil and trash? Hazardous Materials emergencies? Water well monitoring? All of these public concerns are regularly inspected by the County of Riverside Department of Environmental Health. We are Environmental Health Specialists (EHS) and the job we do is tremendously important.


As EHSs, we work hard to protect the public in Riverside County and to provide a safe place to work, live, and play. Being an EHS in Riverside County is a fun and rewarding career. The Department of Environmental Health offers career opportunities for those individuals interested in the pursuit of protecting the public's health. We are always looking for individuals to fill positions as Environmental Health Technicians or Environmental Health Specialists.


Job Specifications

Environmental Health Technician (EHT)

An EHT may work in one of the following programs:

  • Hazardous Materials Management
  • Vector Control
  • Land Use

Duties may include:

  • Public and business assistance
  • Nuisance abatement and investigation

Environmental Health Specialist (EHS) 

An EHS may work in one of the following programs:

  • District Environmental Services
  • Environmental Protection Oversight
  • Check out all the different programs Environmental Health covers


  • College Graduate
  • Possess either:
    1. Registration as an Environmental Health Specialist (REHS) from CDPH (California Department of Public Health)
    2. A pre-certification letter from CDPH for employment as an Environmental Health Specialist Trainee.

Specialists are typically hired at either a I, II, or III level based on current REHS status and experience.  Other levels in this class include IV and Supervising EHS.

Apply for a Position with Environmental Health

To apply as an Environmental Health Specialist, read our "How To Obtain a Registered Environmental Health Specialist Position" flyer. For all other Environmental Health positions, follow the instructions provided on the Human Resources website.

Consider an Internship with Environmental Health

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to get to know us and to let us get to know you. Becoming an Environmental Health intern lets you test drive a career and help make a difference!

We offer unpaid internships to students and graduates who are interested in pursuing a career in the field of Environmental Health. An internship is a great way to learn more about this exciting profession while working side by side with Environmental Health Specialists.  See our brochure for more information.

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