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Local Ordinances

Many of the programs overseen by the Department of Environmental Health have their own ordinances, which are enforced at the time of service at the facility. Please use the list below to view the latest versions of all Riverside County Ordinances that pertain to Environmental Health programs.

Ordinance Description Codified Ordinance
427 Regulating the Land Application of Manure 8.92.000 et seq.
465 Public Swimming Pools and Spas 8.116.000 et seq.
492 Food Establishments and Facilities 8.40.000 et seq.
523 Vector Control 8.36.000 et seq.
525 Backflow Prevention Assemblies 13.08.000 et seq.
527 Fly Abatement 8.36.000 et seq.
551 Bees 8.12.000 et seq.
565 Poultry Ranches 8.20.000 et seq.
567 Food Handlers 8.44.000 et seq.
580 Mobile Food Facilities 8.112.000 et seq.
592 Sewer Service System 13.04.000 et seq.
615 Hazardous Waste 8.60.000 et seq.
617 Underground Storage Tanks 8.140.000 et seq.
640 Environmental Health Fees  4.52.000 et seq.
650 Sewage Discharges 8.124.000 et seq.
651 Disclosure of Hazardous Materials 8.64.000 et seq.
682 Water Wells  13.20.000 et seq. 
712 Collection, Transportation and Removal of Liquid Wastes 8.84.000 et seq.
718 Medical Waste 8.96.000 et seq.
725 Penalties for Ordinance Violations 1.16.000 et seq.
745 Collection and Disposal of Solid Waste 8.136.000 et seq.
838 Permitting of Tobacco Retailers 5.68.000 et seq.
845 Health, Safety, and Welfare of Victims of Methamphetamine Labs 8.148.000 et seq.
871 Prohibiting the Installation of Specified Septic Tank Systems in Cherry Valley  
907 Body Art Facilities 8.164.000 et seq.
916 Cottage Food Operations  8.168.000 et seq.
949 Microenterprise Home Kitchen Operations