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The Environmental Cleanup Program (ECP) is the program within Riverside County Environmental Health (DEH) that administers and enforces state standards and local ordinances pertaining to the construction, alteration, maintenance, and destruction of monitoring wells, cathodic wells, and other types of non-production wells.

Typical wells permitted include:

  • Groundwater monitoring well – these wells are principally used for observing groundwater levels and flow conditions, obtaining samples for determining groundwater quality, and for evaluating hydraulic properties of water-bearing strata.  Most monitoring wells are usually associated with a cleanup and require a regulatory agency’s approval before installation.
  • Cathodic wells – These wells are used for electrical protection of metallic equipment in contact with the ground (e.g. utility lines). To obtain a permit, submit a monitoring well application for approval.

The program goals are:

  • To permit the drilling, installation, and destruction of monitoring, cathodic and other types of non-production wells.
  • To educate the public regarding potential hazards.
  • To minimize any risks to public health. 

These are accomplished by compliance with Riverside County Ordinance 682 and the California Well Standards Bulletins.

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