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All Community Event Organizers are required to obtain a Community Event Permit to host a community event.  Food booths set up at community events are referred to as Temporary Food Facilities. 

Community Event/Food Facility Permit Forms and Guidance

Temporary Food Facility/Community Event Coordinator’s Application

Application to Operate a Temporary Food Facility

Temporary Food Facility Operator’s Agreement Form

For-Profit Food Vendors Operating at a Community Event for the Benefit of a Nonprofit Organization

Kitchen Agreement Letter

Permit Fees for Community Events: 
English | Spanish

Temporary Food Facility Operator’s Guide

Self-Checklist for Temporary Food Facilities

Open-Air BBQ’s, Smokers and Wood Burning Ovens: 
English | Spanish

Three Compartment Sink/Hand Sink Rental Companies: 
English | Spanish

Food Sales at School Booster Club Sporting Events

Non-Profit Temporary Food Facilities

Permit Types

There are 2 types of permits that can be obtained for temporary food facilities to operate at a community event:

  1. Occasional Event Permit – For an event that runs 3 days or less in a 90 day period.
  2. Temporary Event Permit – For an event that runs 4-25 days within a 90 day period. 

Community Event Organizers

Community Event Organizers are responsible for obtaining all approvals and permits from local jurisdictions to hold their event (City; County; Police; Fire…).  Prior to approval from the Environmental Health Department, an application must be submitted to the appropriate planning department for events held in city limits or in unincorporated Riverside County.  Check with the appropriate planning department for more details regarding their requirements.

Required Documents

The following documents are required to be submitted by the Event Organizer to the Environmental Health Department at least 2 weeks prior to the event:

* If a nonprofit organization is planning on serving food to raise money for their nonprofit organization, get more information here regarding requirements.

* If a nonprofit organization is planning an event, and all the proceeds from the vendors will go to the nonprofit organization, get more information here regarding requirements.

* Information regarding requirements and recommendations from CDPH for Mega Events can be found at this website.

Temporary Food Facility Vendors

Temporary Food Facility Vendors are responsible for submitting a Community Event Temporary Food Facility Operator’s Agreement Form to the Environmental Health Department so they can be informed of the specific regulations that will be required for the type of food they plan to serve.  Please review the following documents for general requirements for Temporary Food Facilities:

*Community Event Permits and Temporary Food Facility Permits are event specific.  Vendors must obtain approval from the event organizer to participate in a Community Event.  Event organizers are responsible for ensuring all vendors comply with all laws, regulations and requirements for Temporary Food Facilities.