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Due to California’s ongoing drought conditions, wells may have problems with the amount of water they are producing. In some cases, wells have gone dry based on water quantity in aquifers. The links below are intended to give guidance in evaluating, addressing issues, possible funding, and repair/reconstruction of a well.

If You Are Seeing Lower Rates of Production and Suspect Your Well is Going Dry

Consult with a licensed C-57 contractor to diagnose your well for any mechanical or construction concerns that may be lowering your water production.

Find A Licensed C-57 Contractor


Check if you are in an area where wells are going dry.  The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) has created a search tool:

Reported Dry Wells Search Tool


If you think you need a temporary water source, here is a list of State approved water haulers:

Licensed Water Haulers     


Dry Well Reporting


DWR is continuing to gather information for the State to identify areas where aquifers are drying up. With this data, the State is hoping to better allocate resources to ensure that everyone has water. If your well has gone dry, here is the link to report your dry well:

Report Your Dry Well

Possible Funding Sources To Help Fix Well Issues

Need to Repair or Drill a New Well?

Any repairs or drilling of a new well will need to be permitted by our Department. Information related to permitting of well repairs or drilling of new wells is provided on our Wells page.

Well Drilling Inspection
Individual Well
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