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This Department regulates the land application of manure and biosolids as directed by County Ordinance 830. Our staff inspect, investigate complaints within these programs. Biosolids is organic matter recycled from sewage, for use in agriculture.

Riverside County accepts the land application of Class A Sewage Sludge for Agricultural Activities under County Ordinance 830. Prior to transporting or land application of biosolids you must register and complete the permitting process.

To register as a Class A Biosolids Generator-Processor, or Transporter and apply for Tier Placement and Site Registration, complete all the following forms and submit with payment* by mail or in-person:

  1. Class A Biosolids Generator-Processor
  2. Class A Biosolids Transporter
  3. Class A Biosolids Tier Placement
  4. Tier 1 Site Notification
  5. Class A Biosolids Tier 2, 3, & 4 Site Registration

*Contact the Downtown Riverside or Indio Office for current fees.

Biosolid Generator
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Email us with any questions.

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