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As part of the requirement to implement community right-to-know provisions and the California Public Records Act for the Environmental Health Department, records are maintained and available for review. For more information on gaining access to those records, please fill out the appropriate Request for Records form below. 

Request for Records Form

When submitting a request for records from the Department please provide the details of your request on the form below.

DEH Request for Records

**For detailed information on how to request DEH Records managed by the Hazardous Materials Management Branch, please review this Request for Records Information Sheet 


Please email your request to the program or programs that you need records from at the email addresses listed below.  Either click the link or copy the email address into your email program. 

Please put the words "Records Request" in the Subject Line of the e-mail.

                 Email Link                                                    Email Address

DEH Food and Pool Records Request     

Land Use Records Request                     

DEH Haz Mat Records Management       


Postal Mail

Send the Records Request form to the following address:

Riverside County Department of Environmental Health
P.O. Box 7909
Riverside, CA  92513-7909

In Person

You can drop a request for records form at any of our offices countywide.  Visit the our office locations page for our office addresses.

Additional Hazardous Materials/Underground Storage Tanks Records Resources

To get quick access to information for Phase I and Phase II site assessments or for additional Environmental records, start your search with one of the links below:

Link Description
Geo Tracker Local Oversight Program (LOP) or Leaking Underground Storage Tank
California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA) Site Portal Regulated businesses with hazardous materials. This state agency provides oversight for all regulated businesses with hazardous materials
USEPA EPCRA - Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) Program This federal program tracks the management of over 650 toxic chemicals that pose a threat to human health and the environment.