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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

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Single-Use Foodware Accessories and Condiments

To reduce the amount of waste created from single-use items the retail food industry is required to only provide single use accessories to customers upon request.

Single-Use Foodware Accessories and Condiments


New changes to the Public Resource Code

To reduce the amount of waste created from single-use items, public Resource Code Chapter 5.2 Section 3.42271 now requires the retail food industry to:

      1.) Only provide single-use accessories to consumers upon request.

      2.) No bundling of single-use accessories or condiments.

      3.) Only offer those single-use items needed to eat or prevent spillage of the ready-to-eat food at a drive-through as well as in a public use airport.

      4.) A third-party delivery platform shall provide consumers with the option to request single-use accessories.

      5.) A food facility that uses a third-party platform shall customize their menu with a list of available single-use accessories or condiment. Only those items chosen by the consumer will be delivered. If
           no single-use accessories or condiments are requested non will be provided.

      6.) Unwrapped single-use foodware accessories that are self-serve, standard condiments that are self-serve, and/or bulk dispensed condiments may still be used.

The definition of “single-use foodware accessory” means utensils, chopsticks, condiments cups / packets, straws, stirrers, splash sticks, and cocktail sticks.

These new requirements do not apply to correctional institutions, licensed health care facilities, residential care facilities, and public / private school cafeterias.

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