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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

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2021 Chlorine Shortage – How to Optimize Your Chlorine Use

Several factors have contributed to a nationwide chlorine shortage. Below are tips to optimize your chlorine use, and chlorine alternatives to maintain your pool water clean and clear for bathers.

2021 Chlorine Shortage – How to Optimize Your Chlorine Use

Optimize Your Chlorine Use

-Maintain pool chemicals balanced:

                -Free Chlorine   

                         -1.0ppm without cyanuric acid

                         -2.0ppm with cyanuric acid

                         -3.0ppm for spas, wading pools and

                          spray grounds


                -Combined Chlorine – less than 0.4ppm

                -pH – 7.2-7.8

                -Total Alkalinity – 80ppm-120ppm

                -Total Hardness – 200ppm-400ppm

                -Cyanuric Acid – 30ppm-100ppm



-Remove leaves and debris frequently, empty skimmer baskets, and back wash filters more often

-Use algaecide to maintain pools free of algae

-Use chemical clarifiers or enzyme water cleaners to remove microscopic contaminants

-Require bathers wear bathing suits (no street clothes)

-Require bathers to shower before entering the pool

-Lower spa temperatures to reduce chlorine burn off

-Store chlorine supply in a cool, shaded place- out of the sun and heat

-Limit operating hours and occupancy

-If you have multiple pools, self-close some pools and maintain them with lower chlorine residuals to save more

 chlorine for open pools

-Cover pools with safety cover when not in use

                *See Riv. Co DEH Pool Cover Guidelines for rules and regulations regarding pool cover use

Chlorine Alternatives

-Convert your existing chlorine system to a saltwater system

-Convert your existing chlorine system to a to a supplemental UV system

-Convert your existing chlorine system to a to a bromine system

                *Plan approval must be obtained from the County of Riverside, Department of Environmental

                  Health before altering equipment for a swimming pool, spa, etc.  Check out our Plan Check page

                  for more information, or contact one of our plan check specialists.



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