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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Underground Storage Tanks

Department of Environmental Health, County of Riverside. An underground storage tank system is defined as any one, or combination of tanks, including connected piping and ancillary equipment, that is used for the storage of hazardous substances, where at least ten percent of the Underground Storage Tank system’s volume is located beneath the surface of the ground or is enclosed below earthen materials.

Underground Storage Tanks

The Hazardous Materials Management Branch (HMMB) regulates and oversees the inspections of constructions, repairs, upgrades, system operation and removal of underground storage tank (UST) systems.

A permit to operate a UST system is required per California Code of Regulations Title 23, Division 3, Chapter 16, California Health and Safety Code Section (25280 – 25299.8) and Riverside County Ordinance 617. These regulations mandate the testing and frequent inspections of the UST facilities.

The goal of these regulations and the Riverside County UST Program is to protect waters of the state from discharges of hazardous substances from underground storage tanks. This program also provides a mechanism to educate UST owners/operators, enforce the regulations and to pursue non-compliant facilities through the legal system.

The HMMB established several central area offices that can conduct and provide the following services:

  • Conduct routine inspections of all regulated fuel facilities
  • Approve all electronic submissions regarding UST installations, repairs, upgrades and removals
  • Conduct installation, repair, and upgrade inspections within Riverside County

All UST testing notifications and/or UST test results can be submitted at the following email

Underground Fue Storage Tank Systems
underground storage tank lotation

Plans must be submitted prior to any underground storage tank installations, modifications, repairs, or removals. Please review the plan check guidance document, which is available in the "UST Plan Check" section on the left side of this page, prior to submitting plans to the Hazardous Materials Management Branch. For further information regarding our UST plan check program please contact any of our plan check staff below:

  • Wes Wesolowski – Indio, CA (760) 863-8976
  • Michelle Suh – Corona, CA (951) 273-9143
  • Joel Harris- Riverside, CA (951) 358-5055
  • Lester Powell – Hemet, CA (951) 766-6524
  • Jeremy Gates- Hemet, CA (951) 766-6524


New Financial Responsibility Mechanism For USTs


Underground Storage Tanks
Underground Storage Tanks
Underground Storage Tanks


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