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Community Events

Community Events

Local events are a great way to bring communities closer together.  Some are held to raise funds for a worthy cause, bring about positive change, or to celebrate something special.  Many public events operate annually, becoming anticipated festivities and a point of pride for the hosting community. Some events such as Certified Farmers Markets and Swap Meets operate on a regular basis all year round.


Community Event Permit Forms must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the event.  Event coordinators are required to obtain an Event Coordinator Permit and ensure food vendors comply with all laws and regulations. 

The Event Coordinator can obtain a discounted permit for all their food vendors, in which case the Event Coordinator Permit fee could be waived.   


A Certified Farmers Market is a location certified by the County Agricultural Commissioner and permitted by the Environmental Health Department, where Certified Farmers can sell locally grown agricultural products they produce directly to the public.

A Community Event can be operated in conjunction with a Certified Farmers Market to allow the sale of non-agricultural products at a Certified Farmers Market. A separate Community Event application and permit is required.


Swap Meet organizers are required to obtain a Swap Meet Permit based on the number of food vendors they allow to operate at their swap meet. In addition, each food vendor is required to obtain their own table top food stand permit.

Table top food vendors are limited to selling whole uncut produce or packaged nonperishable items that must remain sealed at all times.


Community Events and Temporary Food Facility Documents


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