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Saturday, March 25, 2023


Department of Environmental Health, County of Riverside, Foods, This Program visits approximately 11,000 retail food facilities to ensure safe food handling practices, proper sanitation, and compliance with the California Health and Safety Code within the county.




Food Safety Guidance Documents to Keep    You Safe

Foodborne Illness

About this Program

In this program, routine, unannounced inspections and complaint investigations are conducted at over 10,000 retail food facilities by Registered Environmental Health Specialists, to verify compliance with the California Health and Safety Code and Riverside County Ordinances.  Retail food facilities include restaurants, markets, schools, food trucks and carts, food booths at special events, vending machines, catering operations, and more.  

Complaint investigation responses include reports of foodborne illness, food contamination, or other violations of the California Health and Safety Code.  You can submit a complaint by either calling one of our area offices or submitting the information online.

This program also administers the Food Handler Certification Program to ensure food handlers have adequate knowledge when working with food. 

Food Safety

Food safety is an important part of public health.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates there are about 48 million people affected by foodborne illnesses each year, of which 3,000 result in death.  According to the CDC, the TOP 5 foodborne illness risk factors are:


1. Improper Holding Temperatures Food Temperatures Guidance: English | Spanish
2. Improper Cooking Temperatures Cooking and Reheating Guidance: English | Spanish
3. Dirty or Contaminated Utensils and Equipment Dishwashing Guidance: English | Spanish
4. Poor Employee Health and Hygiene Handwashing Guidance: English | Spanish
5. Food from Unsafe Sources Approved Food Source Guidance: English | Spanish

Temperature Danger Zone

Food Handlers & Their Hands

Food Safety Control
Food Safety temperatures




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