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Wednesday, December 8, 2021


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Don’t Mix Pool Chemicals!

Most pool chemicals are not compatible, and when mixed can lead to fires, explosions, or chlorine gas release. Take precautions this summer to avoid accidents when cleaning or adjusting the chemicals in your pool.

Don’t Mix Pool Chemicals!

Common chemicals used to maintain the water quality in pools and spas can be dangerous when not handled properly.  Storing chemicals properly, following manufactures instructions, and taking precautions to avoid improper mixing is essential to prevent accidents. 







When storing pool chemicals:

-Read the warning labels and follow all instructions for storage.

-Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

-Separate chemicals using storage cabinets, secondary containment, or distance.

-Store any powder or granular chemicals above any liquid chemicals.  


When adding chemicals to a pool:

-Follow the instructions on each product to know when and how the product should be added to the pool.

-Always handle chemicals in a well-ventilated area, one product at a time.

-Wear recommended personal protective equipment such as safety glasses or gloves. 

-Ensure the pool pump is running to help disperse the chemicals.

-Add chemicals in different areas of the pool, one product at a time to help prevent chemical reactions.

-Always add chemicals to the water, never add water to chemicals.


Check out this article for more pool chemical safety information!

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